We are a team of  exceptionally well traveled people and dedicate our time providing local, authentic city experiences.

No one knows the city better than the locals and what we do is connect travelers to people who are sure to give you an experience that is unlike any other. The City Explorers platform is our first step in this direction. 

City Explorers are a team of passionate people who know all the nooks and lesser known alleys of their cities and have grown up seeing their cities evolve through the ages. Any traveler who chooses a City Explorer will be able to enjoy the city’s sights and experiences in a whole new manner. These experiences are categorised into art, architecture, heritage, gastronomy and nightlife. Pick and choose an itinerary as per your needs and requirements and we will connect you to City Explorer thus ensuring, that you never feel lost in this big, vibrant city of ours.

For our clients to know!

Apprehensive about travelling to a new place all by yourself? 
Sick and tired of browsing through monotonous, outdated guide books?

Well do not fear, 
the CITY EXPLORERS are here!

City Explorers are local experts who want you to experience the city through their eyes as they are people who are completely in love with their cities.

Why go along with City Explorer?

  • The best of city sights and experiences in a short duration

  • Secrets and stories about the city and its localities that are not found in any guidebooks.

  • Secure city experiences

  • Authentic information

  • Impromptu storytelling sessions at offbeat locations

  • Food tasting at locations that showcase best of local flavors

  • Beautiful photographs at choicest locations with optimum angles

  • Memorable and enriching moments at a new destination

  • Intimate connection with the city, people and heritage structures

Looking for a City Explorer, just let us know your interests. Email us on sb@cityexplorers.in

Become a City Explorer

The benefit of becoming a city explorer is manifold. All you need to do is just fill a form and we will get back to you on next steps.

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Are you that one person in your group that zeroes in on the places for your group hangouts? Or do people come flocking to you for advice on the best eateries or the must see places? Or are you simply somebody who loves to travel, explore and is always on the lookout for places to visit? If your answer is Yes to any one of these questions then City Explorers is your forte.
You get to do what you love and at the same time you get paid for what you do. And that my friend, is what is known as the best of both worlds!