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An affair with India leaves one craving for more

We create experiential India engagement and enhance interpretation of a destination

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We assure you of a safe and comfortable India experience!

We are a professional team backed by community of hosts and operators who love incredible India.
Our interdependencies and alliances provide opportunities for innovation and increased customer satisfaction.
The expertise offered on City ExplorersTM platform open up new opportunities to transfer education and culture through tourism and thus enhancing the visitor experience. The region discovery allows travellers to time travel, and gives them autonomy to create their individual experience in the form of dialogues with the hosts, observe rituals and engage in daily life to get pure culture immersion.

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    We are visitor inspired

    Sustainable development and quality of life

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    We are authentically local

    Adopt and adapt to local circumstances

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    We are globally unique

    Regeneration of the urban and social fabric

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    We have greater national recognition

    Most awarded city sightseeing company in India with flagship identities

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    We pay attention to the simple things

    Offer best possible local quality in terms of food, entertainment, travel and craftsmanship

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    We cater for specific needs, interests & time

    We are enablers and can create any type of experience desired by you to know India your way.

We create uniqueness in scale that enables the visitor to connect with many offerings within a short timeframe. Our host tell stories to enhance regional exploration, showcase living heritage through the design and delivery of tourism experiences. By combining local food and drink with travel, our experiences offers both locals and tourists alike an authentic taste of place while contributing to a sustainable Indian economy.

Our operators create & deliver India moments for all kinds of travellers alongside appreciating regional cultures, history and traditions.

Our stories weaves information about social cohesion, rootedness & identity leading to local immersion in India’s diversity.

"Our experience-based tourism initiatives are interactive"

We create moments to enliven senses of our clients and make their visit truly memorable.
Our host led activities and authentic local experiences provide exceptional added value.

Memberships & Recognitions

Creating fruitful relationships in communities


Recognised by Ministry of Tourism - Govt. of India

Our Awards

We share aspirations for more connected societies and a better quality of life.


Our initiatives

We are one of the leading delivery organisation putting efforts in research, education and product development to promote the growth of the tourism industry in India.


City Discovery

interesting & informative experiences and attractions in urban and rural areas



we intend to highlight the small wonders that make famous or interesting sights of a place truly unique


Heritage & Culture

gain an understanding of the nature of the place being visited & appreciate human past


Innovative Adventure

revitalising and energising experiences and activities in the spectacular outdoors


Food Tourism

Food tours and cooking sessions based on our in-depth, local knowledge of India


India with Locals

Generating local pride and sense in the perspective of building more just communities, respecting human rights & dignity


Sustainable Tourism

We generate greater economic benefits for local people and enhance the well-being of host communities


Eco Tourism

to minimise negative environmental and social impacts, while maximising positive benefits

Diverse presence of brand portfolio across media platforms increasing customer satisfaction

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Exploring India makes a good story for a lifetime & telling that story through our aggregation competency of listings, offerings & activities is what distinguish us form others in the market.

CITY EXPLORERS Private Limited is an experiential & transformative organisation showcasing globetrotters & citizens of India the essence of Indian culture, cuisine, heritage in the most authentic way.


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